11+ Best Online Video Editing Platforms in 2022: Updated List

Video content marketing has increased tremendously over the past few years as brands realize that video is a faster, more interactive medium. This is useful for education and entertainment purposes, as well as building a better brand image. Video editing can be difficult so if you’re looking for a great place to create your videos online there are plenty of platforms for you to choose from.

It’s hard to find the best online video editing tools especially when there are too many options to sort through. After all, with over 20 thousand editing tools on the internet, how can you possibly choose the top 11?

The answer is you can’t. Just over the past few years, the landscape of online video and video editing platforms has changed dramatically. Times are changing, and the best platforms for editing videos will also change.

If you want to be ahead of the game when it comes to editing your videos, read on!


veed online video editing platform 01

VEED is a short-term for Video Feed. This online video editing platform aims to make video editing easy and accessible even to people with or without professional knowledge of editing. VEED is your all-in-one video creation platform.

Use VEED to create/upload videos and edit them to add filter, crop, and resize videos to perfection. The editor is easy to navigate, thanks to its intuitive design and straightforward functionality.

Easily create content for YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or the web with VEED’s online video editing suite.


  • Free – (0$) Ideal for short one-off projects under 10 minutes and 250MB but with a watermark.
  • Basic – (12$/mo) For individuals who require easy video editing tools
  • Pro – (24$/mo) Translations, storage, collaboration, and branding solutions for professionals
  • Enterprise – (Contact for Price Estimates) Best for businesses that need private access and company collaboration

2. FlexClip


FlexClip video editor is an online video editing program ideal for creating videos for Youtube and other social networks or other collaborators. It falls into the category of semi-professional video editors with advanced features but intuitive features.

FlexClip is inexpensive compared to other programs. Regardless of the pricing plan you choose, you can access a wide range of over 4,000,000 royalty-free music and high-quality videos and photos. It offers thousands of elegantly designed templates and a variety of dynamic text, widgets, logos, and other animated elements. The tool has everything you need to achieve professional-grade results at a consumer-grade price.


  • Free – (0$)  standard resolution, 12 projects, one stock video, and a 1-minute video length cap.
  • Basic – (5.99$/mo) higher resolution, one stock video, a 3-minute video length cap, custom watermark, and no FlexClip watermark.
  • Plus – (9.99$/mo) Includes everything in Basic and 10-minutes 1080p downloads.
  • Business – (19.99$/mo) Includes everything in Plus, unlimited stock videos, 500 background removal credits, and a 30-minute video length cap.

3. Wistia

Wistia online video editing platform 02

Wistia is a video and podcast platform that helps businesses connect with customers through one-to-one marketing. The platform includes tools that make it easier to create, share, track and analyze content. Wistia is used by thousands of businesses around the globe to improve their marketing efforts.

Wistia is a video hosting platform that makes it simple and affordable for businesses to create and distribute video content. Behind the scenes, Wistia has a team of specialists working to guarantee that businesses can focus on their main activities without having to worry about video issues. Embedding, recording, and analytics are all available, and registration is free.


  • Free – (0$) For start-up businesses
  • Pro – (90$/mo) Ideal for small and large businesses targeting videos and podcasts for marketing
  • Advanced – (Contact for Price Estimates) For companies trying to establish a long-term brand and expand.

4. Animoto

Animoto online video editing platform 03

Animoto is an easy-to-use, professional-quality video maker that enables business owners and marketers to create stunning videos from their photos and video clips. With over a billion videos produced, Animoto has emerged as a leader in the video marketing space.

They have collaborated with industry leaders to create video templates that allow anyone to create a high-quality video in minutes.


  • Free – (0$/mo) Free to create unlimited videos with the standard features
  • Basic – (8$/mo) Make unbranded content with unlimited downloads
  • Professional – (15$/mo) Enables creating customized videos with professional tools
  • Professional Plus – (39$/mo) Branded videos through the aid of advanced tools

5. InVideo

InVideo online video editing platform 04

InVideo is best for professionals doing marketing and business owners, YouTube content creators, and agencies doing social media and digital marketing. The platform is easy to navigate and learn and it requires no previous knowledge of video editing to create professional video content.

The best thing about this platform is it has more than 5000 templates that are customizable and could fit a number of industries. The 24/7 customer supports helps not only the paid users but also the free users.

Also, with their free account, you can access the video templates, automate text to speech, and 3 million standard media library.


  • Free – (0$/mo) Free basic tools to create professional videos.
  • Business – (20$/mo) More ideal for influencers, start-up businesses, and teachers.
  • Unlimited – (40$/mo) Enables creating customized videos with professional tools

6. Clipchamp

Clipchamp online video editing platform 05

ClipChamp is a Microsoft acquired platform web-based video editing tool that allows you to navigate and add multiple video and audio layers in the timeline. This platform does not have complex navigation and would let you edit your videos right away and store your videos in cloud storage.

This will enable easy access no matter what device you choose to continue working. It also provides the basic functions of a video editing tool which is beneficial to day-to-day video editing tasks.

It has numerous features like screen recording and greenscreens, all of which are appropriate for a business and personal environment.


  • Basic – (0$/mo) Free and is limited for personal usage
  • Creator – (9$/mo) More suited for casual use with unlimited audio stock and cloud storage
  • Business – (19$/mo) For work and businesses that need branding tools
  • Business Platinum – (39$/mo) Upgraded business plan with complete branding kits and unlimited cloud storage, audio, image, and video stocks.

7. Kapwing

Kapwing online video editing platform 06

This easy-to-access video editing tool is best for start-up businesses to promote their products using fewer resources, vloggers to compile, crop, resize raw vlog clips or even clips from torrents, and teachers for their learning materials.

One of the best features of this tool is that you are guaranteed to have no watermark even if you are a free user and could also be stored in cloud storage. This tool enables teams to simultaneously edit and collaborate on a certain project in real-time as allows multiple viewers and editors.

Not only is it free but also a complete easy online software that suits everyone’s editing needs.


  • Free – (0$/mo) Free access to all tools with no watermarks on 3 exports per month with transcription limit
  • Pro – (16$/mo) Access to all video editing tools and premium features with unlimited transcriptions and upload custom fonts
  • For Teams – (19$/mo) All pro features and tools, with 24/7 support and with unlimited licenses

8. WeVideo

Wevideo online video editing platform 07

Because of the platform’s simplicity of use and excellent editing options, many company owners are turning to WeVideo to edit digital video. WeVideo makes conventional video creation/editing as simple as possible by providing powerful and economical editing tools, as well as one-on-one client care.

This platform is gaining visibility because of its feature to create your custom template. Green screen, slow motion, screen, webcam recording, motion text, and the ability to export audio independently are all included as a new video editing tool feature.


  • Power – (4.99$/mo) Has access to templates and motion titles with 20GB storage but only on a 720p HD Resolution
  • Unlimited – (7.99$/mo) Unlimited storage and publish time and everything in the Power Plan.
  • Professional – (19.99$/mo) All features in the Unlimited Plan with unlimited stock usage with brand management and premium templates.
  • Business – (36.99$/mo) Every feature in Professional Plan with 3 simultaneous user access with collaboration tools.

9. Biteable

Biteable online video editing platform 08

Biteable is different from the other options in that it does more than just throw some words on some free stock film. It features a large library of templates that range from simple how-to movies to outright advertisements, all with customizable text and animated blocks.

Biteable allows users to edit their film in a familiar style after selecting a template, with a timeline at the bottom of the screen and the flexibility to edit/adjust layers and components to perfection.

It is fairly priced, and the procedure of creating a short film on the free plan to test it out was not difficult.


  • Free – (0$/mo) Access to a number of free premium clips from Shutterstock with unlimited exports.
  • Pro – (49$/mo) All features are free with uploadable images and videos with full audio support and with video analytics
  • For Teams – (208$/mo) Includes customized team training and dedicated account management shareable with 5 users.

10. Wave.Video

Wave.video online video editing platform 09

Wave.Video is one of the few video platforms that provide free access to high-end business capabilities including automated hosting and management, privacy settings, custom domain functionality, and live broadcasting support. Currently, they have added a new feature to create a thumbnail.

Facebook, Twitter, and Google have collaborated to create Wave.video, an enterprise-level video platform. Wave.video allows marketers to upload their videos on the platform and then manage them using a WordPress plugin that can be deployed in minutes and managed with a single click.


  • Free – (0$/mo) Basic video editing tools and video hosting with watermark
  • Creator – (24$/mo) Enables 15-minute video editing with a stock library of assets and templates that enable video hosting, embedding, and customization
  • Business  – (48$/mo) Similar to creator plan with Automatic stylish captions and subtitles and advanced video hosting with marketing tools.

11. Adobe Creative Cloud Express (previously Adobe Spark)

Adobe Creative Cloud Express online video editing platform 10

Adobe Creative Cloud Express is a task-based web and mobile app that makes it simple to create and share multimedia content ranging from social media posts and stories for TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube to invitations and marketing materials. It is a collaboration of the company’s Adobe Voice, Adobe Post, and Adobe Slate iOS apps into a single and free tool.

Creative Cloud Express provides drag-and-drop content creation, to empower users to communicate their creativity without the need to click a lot of buttons. This is easy access and simple video editing tool. Thousands of high-quality templates, premium Adobe fonts, and licensed Adobe Stock images are all part of the package.


  • Free – (0$/mo) Unlimited basic video editing tools and limited collection of Adobe Stock free collection photos that will help you stand out but with a limitation of 2GB Storage.
  • Premium – (9.99$/mo) Everything in the free plan but with no limitation on the premium templates and assets, stock collection, fonts, etc.

12. Magisto

Magisto online video editing platform 11

This platform is best suited for marketing and brand videos by Vimeo and is easy and simple to use. A very user-friendly tool with guaranteed excellent results. Magisto is a premier provider of digital video content.

Anyone can become a video content king with an above-average user interface and a comprehensive template library.

The platform is simple to use and would enable the creation of professional video content.


  • Premium – (4.99$/mo) Full access to Magisto’s video editing tools and perfect for sharing videos with family and friends
  • Professional – (9.99$/mo) Comes with Vimeo Plan and every tool in the Premium Plan with more than 3 million stock photos and video clips and professional editing styles and templates.
  • Business  – (34.99$/mo) Includes Vimeo Business Plan and everything on the Professional plan but with video analytics and 24/7 priority customer support.

While tech videos may seem intimidating to create, they are a hugely powerful marketing tool (and educational device) that more businesses should take advantage of. The good news is that tech videos don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. The resources above can help you get started quickly, on a budget.

Hopefully at least one of these tools will give you the boost you need to start producing your own effective tech videos.

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