9 Ways To Fix Windows 10 Stuck In The Restart Loop

Windows 10 is one of the most effective and efficient operating systems that one can use. The incidents of the windows 10 boot loop stuck are quite low, but still, if one faces the same, it can be easily resolved.

The problem is very easy to identify, as the system facing the issue will find it difficult to restart or load.

Instead of reaching the logon screen, the system will crash and reset itself repeatedly to the boot screen.

If the user faces the boot or restart loop error after update to windows 10, then the most important thing is to know the causes and the probable solutions.

What causes windows 10 stuck in the restart loop?

Quite a frustrating deal, windows 10 stuck on update loop is not only irritating but time-consuming. Some of the most common causes for the error to occur are:

  • A Windows Update that is incomplete or paused
  • An updated or new Windows driver
  • The installation of new software
  • Malware or viruses

How To Fix boot loop windows 10?

If the windows 10 update stuck in loop, then the solutions given below will help you set the system back to performance and resolve it.

Solution 1. Using the FN key to skip the restart screen

To do this follow the steps-

  • First, you have to shut down completely your computer
  • Try holding down the (FN) key on your keyboard and pressing the Windows key
use of fn key in laptop or desktop

If this works, you will be able to see the login screen and use your computer like normal.

Solution 2. Unplug The External Devices Like Pendrive, Keyboard, etc.

Sometimes errors occur if you are using external devices like a pen drive, printer, external keyboard, camera, mics, etc.

Only you have to do just unplug all these devices from the computer, then restart and see if your computer starts normally or follow the next solution if still having the same error.

Solution 3. Uninstall The Graphcs Driver in Safe Mode

If you see this problem after installing a new graphics driver or if it happens automatically, there is a solution to fix the Windows boot loop problem.

To do this follow steps to uninstall the graphics driver:

  • First, you have to go to Safe Mode by holding the power button to completely shut down your computer
  • Again press the power button to turn on
  • As soon as you see anything on the screen press again Hold down the power button to turn off the computer
  • Do this 3 times then you’ll see the “Preparing Automatic Repair” message on the screen
  • Allow your PC to go through all of this. It should eventually display the Choose an option screen after completing the procedure.
  • Under Choose an option > Select Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Startup Settings > Select Restart
  • After restarting your computer you’ll see many options in the list
  • Press the 4 number key on your keyboard to start your computer in Safe Mode
press 4 enable safe mode
  • From your keyboard Press Windows + X and select Device Manager
Device Manager
  • The Device Manager will open in new windows
  • Double-click on Display Adapters to expand
  • Select the Graphics Driver and Right Click on it
  • Select Uninstall device and Restart Your Computer
uninstall graphics driver windows 10

Solution 4. Fix the Automatic Restart Option

The steps that one requires to follow to exit windows 10 stuck on the update loop are:

  • While restarting the computer, continuously Press F8 to reach the Windows logon screen
  • Release F8 on the boot menu and select Safe Mode and let your computer start in safe mode
  • After Start Press Windows + R and Type ‘sysdm.cpl’
sysdm.cpl command use
  • Navigate to the Advanced tab > Select Settings
  • Under the Start-up and Recovery
  • In system properties, uncheck the ‘Automatically restart’ check box
startup and recovery automatically restart
  • Click OK and Restart the computer

Solution 5. Try Startup Repairs

To perform the startup repairs, the steps to be followed are:

  • Insert the Windows installation disc
  • Initiate the boot process
  • Windows 10 install window will be displayed
  • Select language, time, currency, keyboard, or another input method, and click next
  • Select Repair your computer option
  • Select the operating system to repair
  • Go to Troubleshoot > Select the Advanced options
  • Choose Startup Repair
  • Windows will start diagnosing
  • If any query is detected, Startup Repair will attempt to fix Windows 10 reboot loop.

Solution 6. Use Windows 10 Boot Loop Automatic Repair

The automatic repair can appear after the boot failure, which can be resolved using the steps below:

  • Power off and on the system
  • Press and hold the Power key to shut it off
  • Repeat the process till a message “Preparing Automatic Repair” is displayed
  • After Diagnosing the PC interface, the “Automatic Repair” screen will appear
  • Select the Advanced options
  • Select Command prompt
  • Now enter this command in CMD: Bootrec /RebuildBcd press Enter button
  • Exit and restart

Solution 7: Reset or Reinstall Windows 10

To resolve the issue of the windows 10 failed update loop, one can refresh or reinstall the system by following the steps below:

Warning!!! after doing this you’ll have to install your again your software again in your PC

  • Boot the computer installation disc or Bootable USB Pendrive
  • Go to the Automatic Repair > Go to Advanced options
  • Choose Troubleshoot > Choose Reset your pc > Select Keep My Files
keep my files reset windows 10
  • Follow the instructions to complete the process

Solution 8: Remove Bad Registry

If windows 10 failed update loop is detected, then follow the steps below to resolve the issue:

  • Boot the system to safe mode
  • Open Run window
  • Type ‘regedit‘ to open Registry Editor and enable its user account control
regedit- registry editor command line
  • Navigate the path:
  • Next, Expand The ProfileList IDs and remove any with ProfileImagePath
  • Exit registry
  • Restart to check

Solution 9: Check for Device utility and resolve

To resolve the issue of windows 10 update stuck in a loop, one resolve the same by following the steps below:

  • Use Recovery Drive/System Repair Disc
  • Click Repair your computer
  • Choose Troubleshoot > Go to Advanced Options
  •  Open Command Prompt
  • Type chkdsk /f /r C: and then press Enter
  • You’ll see this message “Would you like to schedule this volume to be checked the next time the system restarts? (Y/N)”
  • Then Type ‘Y’ to accept the prompt
chkdsk /f /r windows 10

Windows 10 will now check the file system for errors and try to fix them.

  • After that Type Exit and Restart the PC.


There are multiple updates for the system, but when any of the updates are not performed properly, then the issue of windows 10 stuck on update loop can occur. Reboot loops are a problem that anyone can face, and to ensure that it does not harm the system, one needs to take swift action. Use the solution and follow the steps precisely to get the system back to effective and efficient performance.

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