11 Best Free Cloud Storage Services and Reasons to Use Them

Old days had gone by when people used to store their data on SD cards and USBs. With smart technology, it has become possible to store your data on the internet. This model of data storage is called cloud storage. In layman’s terms, instead of storing data locally, you can store it on someone else’s computer. That someone else is referred to as a cloud storage service provider. 

You can access and download your data anytime using the internet. Ideally, you will have to pay for large storage capacities, but many cloud storage service providers offer free limited storage. Being limited does not mean that it won’t suffice for you. For most of the general public, free storage plans are good enough to use. That is why this article is going to list some of the best free cloud storage services

Why Should I Use Cloud Storage Model?

It is always a great idea to gather information about a product or service before going to use it. This will educate you on whether the service or product will benefit you or not. As for the cloud storage model, a few benefits from a large pool of benefits are listed below.

  • Your Data is Secure and Recoverable

What solution do you propose to recover the data if your local storage device malfunctions or is stolen? There is none. If it’s stolen, then it is already in the wrong hands, and if it has malfunctioned, it might require expensive recovery tools to require the data. The recovery, in that case, is still not sure. With cloud storage, your data is always secure and 100% recoverable. There are no worries of thefts and malfunctioning of the storage device.

  • Accessibility and Sharing

Would you like to constantly hand over your USB or portable external hard disk to people for sharing data? Probably no. With cloud storage, not only do you eliminate the need to carry your storage device, but you can conveniently share it with others.

  • No Cost Associated

Storing your data on a cloud platform is entirely free. You do not need to buy storage devices. All you need is an internet connection already available in your offices, education sectors, and home places. 

There are many more attractive benefits of using cloud storage. But we already got the idea that cloud storage is indeed a beneficial service. Out of the many best cloud storage services and apps for android free to use, we have listed the best ones available. 

11 Best Free Cloud Storage Services

1. OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive is one of the biggest free online storage service providers. This platform allows users to use up to 5GB of free storage capacity. OneDrive has a robust security framework with powerful integrations and easy to understand user interface. Not only will your data be entirely encrypted, but it will be synchronized across multiple devices as well. 

With OneDrive, you can customize data access, share files, and edit files online directly. OneDrive is utterly usable on android smartphones, and you can even share folders and files with non-registered users.

2. Google Drive

When it comes to the best free cloud storage services, Google Drive cannot go unmentioned. Google Drive is a popular cloud storage service offered by Google. It stands out because it offers a surprising storage limit of 15GB. The cherry on the cake is that this 15GB is totally free of cost.

With Google Drive, you can use a ton of amazing features. These include, but are not limited to, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Photos, Jamboard, Slides, etc. You can easily download the app on both IOS and android smartphones to get started. 

3. Dropbox

Dropbox is another popular cloud storage service. The free storage limit in Dropbox is 2GB. The good news is that it can be increased by following several instructions. For instance, referring Dropbox to a friend or contributing to the community forum will earn you additional storage space.

What is unique in Dropbox is the conversion between files. For instance, you can convert slides of a ppt file to separate individual images. Another amazing feature is the request tool. With it, you can request users to upload files directly into your Dropbox account. 

4. Sync.com

Like OneDrive, Sync is another cloud storage service provider, providing a 5GB of free storage limit. Sync offers a special folder named Vault, which does not get synchronized across your other devices. This is highly beneficial as often you do not require your files to be synced on every device you use. Sync can be used on all platforms, including Windows, Android, IOS, and Mac. You can upload more than a single file at once, and Sync is also accessible via a website interface. 

5. pCloud

pCloud is a great platform if you want something more than 5GB without paying a penny. pCloud offers straight 10GB of free storage limit. What is even more alluring is that this storage limit can be extended by completing several offers, referring pCloud to friends, etc.

You can enjoy pCloud’s file recovery, link sharing, and file versioning features. Even more, you can share files with non-pCloud users too. The upside is that pCloud is available on all famous platforms like Android, IOS, Mac, Linux, and Windows.

6. Amazon Drive

All your life, you might have thought of Amazon as an eCommerce platform. Most people do not know that Amazon also offers cloud storage services. Amazon Drive can be safely regarded as one of the best free cloud storage services. For all new users, Amazon Drive offers a 5GB of free storage limit. You can upload images, files, documents, and even videos.

For quickly finding the files, Amazon Drive features file previews, saving you a lot of trouble by eliminating the need to open files. Amazon Drive is the way to go if you are looking for the biggest free online storage service.

7. Mega

Mega is probably the most generous cloud storage service available online. This is because Mega offers straight 20GB of free storage limit, which is more than enough. And yes, Mega does not stop here. You can even earn more incentives by completing multiple tasks.

With a modern user interface, you can use Mega on all popular platforms, including Android. With end-to-end encryption, your data will be well protected.










Cloud storage has become very popular in the modern age of the digital world. Not only is cloud storage more cost-effective and convenient, but it is also secure and makes file sharing super easy. Compared to the old traditional ways of storing data locally, cloud storage allows you to edit your files on the go. With many other attractive features, cloud storage has become a desirable feature to many. Fortunately, there are plenty of cloud storage service providers that offer free storage limits. You can opt for any service provider based on your personal needs.

So, select from the best cloud storage services and apps for Android free and save your data with ease.

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