How to Change Boot Order/Priority on Windows 10/11

Have you ever faced a booting issue with your system?

If yes, then the first thing that might have crossed you is whether there is a problem with the windows operating system. The boot menu shows up every time the system is started. Boot sequence windows 10 can help to speed up the booting process and save time.

To Change boot order windows 10 is one of the quickest ways wherein the sequence of the bootable devices like a USB port, floppy drive, or optical drive is changed. But the problem that emerges here is how to change the boot order of windows 10/11.

So, let us have a look at the windows 10 change boot options.

Options to Change the Boot Priority Order Windows 10/11

Quick Tips ✔️:

  • Changing boot Priority for HP: Turn on your laptop Press the F10 key > In bios Settings go to Advanced tab > Boot Options > Here Choose Boot Priority > Then F10 to Save change
  • Changing boot Priority for Dell in UEFI: Turn on Your laptop Press F2 > In bios Settings Click on Boot Configuration > Find the Secure Boot and turn this > Then go to Boot Sequence > Add Add Boot Option > Type Boot Option Name > Click on Apply Changes Then Exit
  • Changing boot Priority for Lenovo: Turn on Your laptop Press F2 > In bios Settings Click on Boot > Here you can change the boot order by pressing the + and – keys and then press F10 to save changes

If you are looking for options to change the boot priority order in windows 10 or 11, this solution can offer you great help and restore your system’s speed.

The most common solution that one can adapt to change the boot sequence is windows 10.

1. Change the boot order in Windows 10 using the System Configuration

This is one of the most common and easiest solutions by which the user can change the BIOS boot order of windows 10 by using the system configuration.

The steps that one requires to follow are:

  • Press Windows + R and type MSConfig hit enter
  • System Configuration dialogue will open then Switch to the Boot tab
  • Select the Operating system that is required to be set as the default
  • Click Set as the default button > Click OK to save the changes
  • Wait for a couple of moments till the changes are set
  • Restart the system to check

2. Change the boot order in Windows 10/11 using the advanced options

This is another solution that is available with Windows 10 to change the boot sequence. To complete the process, the steps that one needs to follow are:

  • Press Windows + I > Update & Security > Click on Recovery > Under the Recovery Click on Advanced Start-up
  • Under Choose an Options Select > Click on the Change defaults or Choose to Use Another Operating System
  • To Change the default operating system, click on the tile
  • A confirmation message will be displayed
  • Wait for a couple of seconds to set the change
  • Restart and check the status of updates made

3. Change the boot order in Windows 10 using the UEFI Firmware Settings

If you are looking for another option to change the boot order of windows 10/11, then there is one option to use the UEFI change boot order.

The steps to be followed are as follows:

  • Open Windows Settings > Go to Update & Security
  • Select the Recovery Advanced Startup > Click on Restart now to reboot the system
  • Select Troubleshoot > and go to the Advanced Options
  • There be multiple options like System Restore, Startup Repair, Go back to the previous version, Command Prompt, System Image Recovery, and UEFI Firmware Settings available
  • Select the UEFI Firmware Settings
  • The boot-up will start, and the system will enter the Firmware settings
  • Switch to Boot Tab
  • The boot priority order windows 10 will be displayed
  • Use the arrow keys or + & – on the keyboard to change the order
  • Save and Exit


By following either of the solutions, you have completed setting the BIOS or UEFI Firmware Settings boot sequence. Once the setting is completed, ensure to restart the system and recheck the boot speed. Based on the boot sequence made, the system will start working, and in case one of the devices is not working, the system will jump to the next.

Changing boot order to windows 10/11 is one of the simplest tasks, but paying cautious is important. Ensure to use the boot DVD drive as this can help a lot better. Apply the solution and get the system to work back effectively and efficiently.

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