How to Download Google Photos, Albums to PC, Mac, iPhone

Do you love clicking pictures?

Well, these are the perfect piece of memory that can help you live the best times of life. While you can keep your pictures on your mobile, there is an option where you can save plenty of pictures on the Drive. It is Google Photos. But how to download Google Photos to a PC?

Well, read through the article to find out more. 

About Google Photos

Google developed Google Photos to make saving and sharing photos more straightforward and quick. It was separated from the company’s previous social network, Google+, unveiled in May 2015.

Backup of images and videos can be done with Google Photos. From a smartphone, laptop, or tablet, one may effortlessly access all forms of media. Since some of the app’s functions are primarily buried in the mobile version, one can alternatively utilize the web version to access them all quickly.

Five improvements that will enhance your platform experience are listed below:

  • Edit photos and videos
  • Auto backup facility
  • Ability to restore the deleted pictures
  • Create movies and memories 
  • Ease of sharing
  • Download pictures when and where you want

Steps To Download Google Photos To PC

Downloading images from Google Photos is straightforward. This is not time-consuming and allows you to enjoy your pictures as and when you wish, irrespective of the device and location you are present. The steps to download the photos are as follows:

  • Open Google Photos on your chrome browser
  • Select the image or video that you wish to get downloaded
  • You will see three dots at the top corner > Click on it
  • An option to download the same will be displayed
  • Click on the Download option
  • Or Use shortcut Key Shift+D to download
  • It will save the image to your system’s download section
  • You can now rename the image and use it wherever you need
  • or you can copy images to your internal or external hard drive

This process is great when you have just a single photo or video to download. But in case you are looking to download bulk, you would be required to pick an alternative solution.

Find the simple process defined below to help you with downloading:

  • Open Google Photos on your chrome browser
  • Hover over all the images that you are willing to download
  • Click on the checkmark available at the top corner
  • Add all the images to your selection
  • You can select multiples images by day, date, and the year or use hold the shift key and select all images
  • Once you are done, go to the vertical three dots at the top right corner
  • Click on Download or Press the download shortcut key Shift+D
  • It will download the selection in the form of a zip format
  • Save the file
  • Retrieve the zip and get all the images ready

If you still have questions like how to download Google Photos to a hard Drive, you just need to follow the same steps mentioned above. If it’s an external hard drive, you must shift pictures from the download folder to the Hard Drive. If you want to shift to another internal drive, just shift the images to that particular folder. 

Steps To Download Albums From Google Photos To PC

Many of you might have created Google Albums. This makes it easier to sort and search the images. You can keep similar kinds in one place and access them when you need them. This is also beneficial when you are willing to download the entire album. 

So, if you are looking for how to download Google Photos to PC,  follow the steps below: 

  • Go to the Album tab > Select View all albums
  • You will now be able to see the entire collection
  • Click on individual albums
  • Now click on the three dots arranged in the vertical line in the top right corner
  • Select Download all options
  • It will download the single zip file
  • You can retrieve the pictures by extracting them from the zip files

Steps To Download Google Photos To Mac

The steps to download the images from Google photos will be comparatively different using the Mac. Here are the ones to follow:

  • Open Google Photos on your safari browser> Click on the picture
  • Hold the shift key and select all the pictures to download
  • With the help of three dots, download the picture

Save All Pictures and Videos To Your OneDrive

If you are searching for an answer to how to download Google Photos to OneDrive, in terms of downloading the entire collection, here are the steps to follow:

NOTE: if you have overall file size under 5GB then you can use OneDrive. OneDrive allows 5GB of free storage if you want to buy more space then signup for Microsoft 365. and get 1TB OneDrive cloud storage.

  • Scroll down to Google Photos > Check the box
  • Then Click on More info > On Pop-up Click on Transferring photos
  • Now Create a New Export Click on Next Step
  • Select a transfer destination > From the dropdown list select Transfer to Microsoft OneDrive
  • Then Click on Link your OneDrive Account to Create Export
  • Then login with your account and follow the screen actions
  • After completing the process you’ll land on the Google Takeout page then you’ll see Export in progress…
  • And you will also get a link in the email when the export is ready
  • Now you can access all photos on your OneDrive

Download Images From Google Photos To Google Drive

Fortunately, saving photos to a file-based app like Files, Google Drive, or iCloud Drive is equally as simple as doing the same for your Camera Roll. In Google Photos, follow these steps:

  • Open the picture you want to save
  • Tap the Share button
  • Select Share to apps Top on More
  • A list of options will appear
  • Select the Google Drive > Tap Save to Files
  • You are done

Save Photos From Google Photos To Your iPhone Camera Roll

If you are an iPhone user who is looking forward to downloading the images from Google Photos to the iPhone Camera Roll, you would be required to follow the steps below:

  • Open Google Photos on your iPhone
  • Select the image that you are willing to download
  • Tap the Share button > Then Tap on Save to Device
download google photos in iphone
  • You have the image in the iPhone camera roll now


While the export procedure lets you choose which albums and years to include in your download, it does not allow for more precise customization. Searching through your Google Photos images before starting the download

Nevertheless, going through an extensive Google Photos library could take a while. You should be in no immediate danger if you wait for the trimming tool to arrive before saving your pictures because “high” quality images submitted before 1 June 2021 won’t count towards your storage total. 
Google Photos is a remarkably simple and helpful service, whether you want to move photos from iPhone to iPhone or have your whole photo library backed up. Hope this article helps you answer how to download Google Photos to hard Drive or how to download Google Photos to PC.

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