How to Fix Windows 10 Not booting Up (Fix it Easily)

I know how you feel while working when your computer won’t boot up. And don’t have any nearest computer shop where you can go and ask for fix this issues for you. well, I’m not going to tell you any story let’s get move the main topics.

You know Windows 10 boot process is quite simple, if you face a situation where windows 10 not booting, then one of the below-mentioned solutions can help you to resolve the problem and get back to working effectively.

The Solution to the Problem of Windows 10 Won’t Start

If your windows 10 won’t boot properly and shows a black screen, try one of the below-mentioned solutions to resolve the issue. These techniques are quite simple to apply and can help sort the booting problem.

Solution 1. Use Windows in Safe Mode

If Windows 10 will not boot, then starting the safe mode windows is one of the best and easiest options to resolve the problem. For entering the safe mode, a Windows 10 USB recovery drive needs to be created first.

  • Press the power button to turn on your PC and then hold the power button for 5 to 10 seconds to turn off
  • Do this three times to enter your PC into recovery mode
  • Under Choose an option > Select Troubleshoot > then Advanced Options > Startup Settings
  • Now here press F4 key to enter into Safe Mode
enable safe mode windows 10

Another way is to launch the Control Panel and then Crete a recovery drive for recovery mode.

Solution 2. Check Your Battery

Sometimes when windows 10 not working, then the issue can be with the battery. Changing the battery or removing and cleaning, then reinstalling the same can resolve the issue. Removing the battery can sometimes also resolve the hardware issue, but proper placement is a must.

Solution 3. Unplug All Your USB Devices

If you find windows 10 not loading the desktop, then disconnect all the peripheral devices connected to the system. Removing the USB devices will reduce the load of loading and speed up booting, thus resolving the issue the quickest.

Solution 4. Turn Off Fast Boot

If there is some problem with the boot sequence, then following the steps below can help:

  • Press power button to turn on your computer
  • Then Press continuously the F2 key to Enter into BIOS Settings
  • Go to the Advanced options > Look for the Fast boot option
  • Disable it
  • Save the changes and reboot the system

Solution 5. Try a Malware or Virus Scan

There are chances that your system is under a virus or malware attack. Install the anti-malware using the drive and run the virus check. If there is any malware that is causing the issue, the sane, when removed, can help to resolve the issue.

Solution 6. Use Command Prompt

Windows 10 not working is one of the most common issues which can be solved using the command prompt.

  • Shutdown completely your PC
  • Insert the bootable windows 10 USB flash drive
  • Press the power button to turn on you computer
  • Now Press the F12 key for boot menu options
  • Select the USB drive and wait for the booting up windows 10
  • Then Select the language, time and keyboard click Next
  • Now here click on Repair your computer
  • Under the Choose an option > Choose to Troubleshoot > Then Advanced Option
  • Select Command prompt
  • Type bootrec /fixmbr and hit Enter
  • The boot will start; wait for it to send a completion message
  • Type bootrec /fixboot then hit Enter
  • This will help to write a new boot section if any damage is discovered
  • In case of an error message like Boot Manager is Missing, type bootrec /rebuildbcd to fix
  • Wait for the process to complete and restart the system.

Solution 7. Use Startup Repair

When the computer won’t boot windows 10, then with the installation drive’s help, one can repair the issue and restore the performance. The steps to be followed are:

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  • Insert the repair disc or bootable windows 10 USB drive and run it
  • Use BIOS to boot > Windows setup screen will appear
  • Click on “Repair your computer” to enter the Windows Recovery Environment
  • Click on Troubleshoot > Go to advanced options > Select Startup Repair
  • The system will restart, scan, and fix the issues on its own.

Solution 8. Factory Reset

If none of the solutions helps you resolve the Windows 10 booting issue, then the last resort will go for the factory reset. There are chances that one will lose all the data, but the opportunity to bounce your system back to efficiency is very high. The steps to follow are:

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  • Insert the repair disc and run it
  • Use BIOS to boot from the disc
  • Windows setup screen will appear
  • Click on “Repair your computer” to enter the Windows Recovery Environment
  • Click on Troubleshoot > Go to Reset this PC > Select Keep my files
  • The system will back up the files and reset the rest of the applications
  • Restart and operate to check if the issue persists

Solution 8. Goto Nearest Computer Repair Shop

computer repair shop near me

if you tried the above methods and still have the same issue then don’t try to be a computer engineer. Go to your nearest computer shop and let them handle and fix this for you. and also tell them to keep the backup of your important file before doing anything with your computer.


Windows 10 not booting is an error that a variety of reasons can cause. With multiple solutions, it is important to first try the ones that offer the choice of safe and easy installation. In case the problem persists, the last resort offers the option to reinstall the complete system. While making progress with any of the solutions, ensure to keep a backup of the data you have in advance.

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