Guide: How to Save Instagram Photos to Your Phone and PC

Instagram is one of the most famous social media platforms that is used by everyone today. Sharing pictures and videos with your friends and followers allows you to stay connected and grow your social network. Though it is very simple to use, still some people might face difficulty when trying to save the photos.

Usually, people look for how to save Instagram pictures on pc or how to save Instagram photos on a phone.

So, let us find out about these in the article here. But before that, let us explore the details of Instagram a bit.

About Instagram

Instagram is one of the most famous social media platforms that allows users to upload photos and videos. You can use the app on the web, mobile devices, and tablets. It was founded in 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. Facebook acquired it in 2012 for USD 1 billion.

Instagram is considered more of an online photo-sharing application created to allow users to share their photos with other people who cannot see them in person. Additionally, this is an excellent platform for influencers and companies to share their products and services to reach the masses through reels. 

The app has gained popularity because of its simplicity, availability on multiple mobile devices, and ability to edit photos quickly. If you are wondering why Instagram is so popular, it provides a sense of community for people with similar interests. It also makes them feel like they are not alone in the world. It also lets them show off their creativity by capturing moments in a unique way that only they can see.

Why Does Instagram Restrict From Saving Photos?

The main reason Instagram restricts users from saving their photos is copyright. This is one of the reasons that makes Instagram a reliable and safe site. So, in other words, if you plan to download an image from Instagram to your PC or phone, you might need to go for a snapshot or maybe use third-party software.

So, let us explore more about the same. 

How To Save Instagram Photos To Phone?

Are you looking for the answer to how to save Instagram photos on your phone? Well, if yes, then a few solutions are listed for you.

1. Try Taking Snapshot

The first and simplest solution is to take a snapshot. You can use the shortcut keys to take a screenshot press power and volume down buttons together to take a screenshot or even try using the option in your cell phone’s slide or drop-down menu or slide three-finger screenshot. This way, you can save the snap you need from Instagram in no time.


Try these screenshot apps that work amazing on your android devices.

2. Save Photos On Instagram

If you are not ready to download the image to your smartphone, you can save the same on Instagram only. Follow the steps here below:

  • Go to your profile picture at the bottom of the Instagram application page
  • Go to more options in the top right > Now, tap settings > Click on Account
  • Then tap Original photos (iPhone) or Original posts (Android).
  • To turn it on, switch it off next to Save original photos (iPhone) or Save original posts (Android).
  • Tap switch off next to Save posted photos/videos to turn it on (Android).

3. Try Using FastSave For Instagram

The solution to how to save Instagram photos on a phone can be quickly resolved using the third-party application Fast Save. The steps that you would be needed to follow are as follows:

  • Install FastSave for Instagram from the Play Store
  • Then open the Instagram app and find the image you want to download
  • Tap the three-dot icon in the top-right corner of the image > Select Link
  • Open the Fast Save app > Select the Paste link and download
  • Paste the link into the search box > Tap on the Download button

4. Other Such Applications

Apart from the one mentioned above, various other applications can also help you download images from Instagram. Most of these applications are available for free of cost on the Playstore, from where you can download and start using it. A few notable mentions are IgGet, DownloadGram, and others. 

IG Saver4.4
Video downloader for Instagram4.7
IgGet: Video downloader for IG4.6

How To Save Instagram Photos To PC?

Once you are done with the phone and looking to download the image on a PC or Mac, you might need to use other solutions.

So, here are the solutions for how to save Instagram photos on PC Chrome. 

1. Try Taking Snapshot 

The first solution remains the same for PCs as well. You can always go ahead and take a snapshot to save the picture. Well, it’s the simplest and fastest solution in some ways, but there are a few drawbacks. When you capture the snapshot, there will be some extra area you would need to crop and edit using the Paint application, which is time-consuming. Also, if you fail to clear properly, there are chances that you might end up damaging the picture at the end. 

Here are the steps that you need to follow for PC:

  • Open the browser and Instagram
  • Navigate to your Instagram photo
  • Open the Snipping Tool on your PC
  • Adjust your Snipping Mode > Click on New in the menu toolbar
save instagram photos in pc
  • Select the area or the section of the image you want to snip
  • Capture your snip > Select the Save Snip button
  • Save by entering your name and details


You can do this via windows 10 new tools snip and sketch do the same thing as you did above but there you need to press a different shortcut key.

  • Press Windows+Shift+S
  • Select the image area that you want in the screenshot. it’s really quick and easy.

Here are the steps that you need to follow for Mac:

  • Open the browser and Instagram
  • Navigate to your Instagram photo
  • Hold down Shift + Command + 4
  • Drag to select the area of the image. It should be the one that you need to capture.
  • Save the same

2. Download Image via Devtools

The best way to save Instagram images is using the Devtools feature of your browser if you want to save them at the highest resolution available.

Here are the steps:

  • Open the browser and Instagram
  • Navigate to your Instagram photo
  • Press Ctrl+Shift+I to open Devtools
  • Then Press Ctrl+Shift+C to inspect the element in the browser
  • You can select the image and expand the HTML div to find the image link
  • You can hover your mouse on the image and click on the URL under the Current source top to open the image in the new tab
  • Then Press Ctrl+S to save the photo in your computer

3. Try Third-party Extensions

Just like the applications on the Play Store, there are multiple extensions on Google Chrome Web Store that you can use to download pictures. You just need to search for the extension by typing the keywords like download Instagram image to PC on Google, and you will be offered a list of extensions available. So that the one that is most suitable like Save for Instagram or any other. Activate the extension and follow the instructions to save the picture. 

For Save for Instagram:

  • Select the Instagram image you wish to download
  • Right-click on it
  • The name of Save will be displayed > Click on it
  • Select the download option > Give the name
  • The image is now saved to your PC.

Check out below some similar chrome extensions for downloading photos from Instagram.

IG Media DownloaderAdd to Chrome
GetThetPic!Add to Chrome

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Whether you are looking for how to save Instagram pictures on pc or how to save Instagram photos on phone, the solutions are quite simple. Just follow the steps, and you are through. Make sure that you do not misuse the image you have downloaded. Additionally, when using any third-party application or extension, be cautious. So, try these now and get your images in no time.

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