3 Easy Method To Set Default Printer In Windows 10

In the age of digitization, the need to have a computer and its peripherals is increasing. While people work from home or operate a business, having printers that allow hassle operations is crucial. But the biggest issue that users might face is related to setting the default printer. Windows 10 does not come with a default printer set on its own, but the same needs to be updated and set as per the user’s needs.

Let us see how to set the default printer in Windows 10 and why the user might need to do so?

About Printer

The printer is known to all; it is a basic electronic output device that helps the user get the document’s hard copy or picture as per the need.

There are various printers available, from black and white to a color printer, and even multi-functional printers that allow the users to scan, copy, and print all from a single device.

The inkjet printer is the most suitable option for the house, whereas laser printers are more opted for business purposes. Still, one can go for either based on budget, printing needs, and connectivity options.

How To Set as Default Printer

Windows 10 does not come with any kind of default setting for the printer. If a user has two or more printers connected to the system, then the system will automatically pick the printer last used to print the document.

The user can either choose the printer every time they print a document or set up a default printer that can be time-savvy and quick.

To setup the default printer, the user is required to make some minor changes in the setting. Also, the default printer can be changed with the changing needs to the user anytime without any restrictions or hassle.

The basic set of steps that one needs to follow to set up default printer are:

Method 1: Set as Default Printer Through Windows Settings

  • Press Windows + I and Click on Devices
  • Under the Printers and Scanners
  • Uncheck the “Allow Windows To Manage My Default Printer”
  • Select the printer you want to set as the default
  • Click Manage> Click on Set As Default.
  • To check if the same is set or not, try to print any document.
  • The print now option will automatically select the default printer, and you will be prompted to proceed with printing only.

Additionally, if you need to change or setup default printer again, just go to the printer you want to set as default and follow the same process.

Method 2: Set as Default Printer Through Control Panel

  • Press Windows + R and type control printers hit Enter
control printers windows 10
  • Here on Devices and Printers you’ll see all printers to set the default
  • Right Click on any printer that you want to default and select Set as default printer
set as default printer windows 10

Method 3: Set as Default Printer Through Command Line (CMD)

To set default printer windows 10 using cmd follow this command step by step

  • Press Windows + R and type CMD and hit Enter
  • And copy the below cmd command and change it with your printer name
wmic printer where name="Here enter your printer name" call setdefaultprinter

Follow the example: wmic printer where name=“Epson L380” call setdefaultprinter

  • To confirm default type this command: wmic printer get name,default and hit Enter
  • Here you’ll see the default printer is TRUE and others FALSE


Improving the user experience is one of the critical aspects of Windows 10. To offer better service and functionalities to the user, Windows 10 comes with great features and options that help the user simplify working on Windows 10.

Changing the default printer manually allows the user to change the printer on a case-by-case basis whenever required.

Undoubtedly, to setup, a default printer in Windows 10 is one of the simplest and quickest methods to follow without any hassle or restrictions.

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