How To Stop Windows 10 Update in Progress: 4 Simple Ways

Laptop and computer are the dire need of today. From the field of education to work, everyone needs a fast-speed laptop loaded with the most effective and efficient user interface to help the user access the information and perform daily functions effectively. Looking for such an interface, Windows 10 grabbed users’ attention and became one of the most used interfaces today. Though, it is pretty simple to use

Let us see how to stop Windows 10 update in progress and why the user might need to do so?

About Windows 10 Update

The Windows 10 updates are quite common. As the newer versions and updates are launched, the prompt to update Windows 10 will appear. Though usually to accept the update, the system needs to be started or logged out once, but sometimes this process can cause a blue screen leading to issues in operating and using the platform. While the rate of occurrence of such a situation is quite low, there is still the need to know how to stop Windows 10 update in progress.

Though the process is simple and straightforward, yet one needs to be assured that the steps are followed correctly.

4 Ways To Stop Windows 10 Update in Progress

If you are looking at how to stop Windows 10 update in progress, then the simple steps that one needs to be followed are:

Stop Windows 10 Automatic Updates From Settings

This method works instantly to stop windows 10 updates for the next 7 days to do this follow the steps below:

  • Press Windows + i> Click on Update & Security> Now here click on Pause updates for 7 days or Advanced options
pause windows updates for 7 days

Stop Windows 10 Automatic Maintenance

Usually, the default setting suggests that any update would start automatically. But if you are looking to stop the automatic updates, then follow the steps below need:

  • Press Windows + R and Type Control and hit Enter
control panel shortcut run command windows 10
  • Here click on System and Security> Then Click on Security and Maintenance
  • Now here Click on Maintenance To expand the Settings
  • Click on “Stop maintenance” to stop the Windows 10 update in progress.
stop maintenance windows 10

Use Administrative Tools To Stop Updates

This is the third method that can be opted by the user to turn off Windows 10 update through the service panel. It is simple and straightforward. The steps to be followed are:

  • Press Windows + R and Type services.msc and hit Enter
services.msc command
  • From the list find the Windows Update
  • Right-click on it and select Stop
stop windows update service on local computer
  • It will update the box showing the progress
  • Wait for a couple of minutes; it will stop the update

Use Local Group Policy Editor

If you don’t know how you can stop Windows 10 updates using Local Group Policy Editor then the following steps need to be followed:

  • Press Windows + R and Type gpedit.msc and hit Enter
local group policy editor windows 10
  • Under the Computer Configuration Click on Administrative Templates
  • Double Click on Windows Components, then Windows Update
local group policy editor windows 10 windows update
  • From the list of Windows Updates settings Double Click on Configure Automatic Updates
  • Toggle to Disable and click on OK

Ensure to switch off the system and make the updates timely to avoid any such instances. To ensure that the uninstallation process is effectively completed, restart the system and check.


“How to stop Windows 10 update in progress?” is one of the questions that might have come across many users. The process is quite simple and straightforward. If followed correctly, one can easily ensure to stop the update. While the updates are usually not a hurdle, but in case they are, then the last option for the users is to stop the update in progress. Also, if the user faces any issue, one can connect with the customer service end to get the issue resolved.

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