How to Take Screenshots on Hp Laptop in Windows 10/11

Screenshots are also referred to as screengrab and screen capture. Taking a screenshot simply means capturing the contents on your display screen as an image. Those captured images of your screen can then be shared with people or can be used as a reference at some point in time. Screenshots are considered to be an artifact of the new modern age.

Capturing the screen on smartphones is super easy and does not need any words on it. However, for laptops, it could be a little tricky. Today, this article will explain in great detail the methods of taking screenshots on an HP laptop.

This article will be very educational if you do not know how to screenshot on an HP, Lenovo, Dell, or asus laptop or have not used the screenshot shortcut key in windows 10 and 11. 

Why are Screenshots Important in The First Place?

Before going to learn how to screenshot on an HP laptop, it is a good idea to see why screenshots matter. Screenshots are very helpful when you want to explain something complicated to someone. Instead of telling them through textual data, you can send them screenshots to make your and their life easy. 

  • Show Others The Exact Message or Content

Suppose you are installing software for your desired work, but bad luck knocked on your door, leaving you with an error message. How would you show that error message to others because the error message will not stay there forever?

The only best method will be to take a screenshot of the error message. You can reference that screenshot later at any point in time. For such cases, knowing about the screenshot shortcut key in windows 10 would be beneficial for quick screen capture.

  • Storing Valuable Information For Future

On the internet, there is a plethora of valuable information. For instance, you might come across a good piece of information and want to keep that information safe. In that case, you can simply capture the screen. Another example could be messages on social media apps.

For instance, you know that Whatsapp allows the sender to delete chats for recipients too. To combat this, you can take screenshots of the conversations to save them. 

6 Ways to Capture Screenshots on Hp, Lenovo, Dell, or Asus Laptops

1. Snipping Tool

Snipping Tool cannot go unmentioned if you want to know how to screenshot on an HP laptop windows 10/11. On Windows 11, the tool was totally resigned for a smooth user experience. This tool allows you to capture only the part of your desired screen.

This is achieved by adjusting the size of the rectangular area selection window.

  • To use Snip and sketch, you must simultaneously press Windows + Shift + S
  • Then select the area that you want to take a screenshot
  • Alternatively, in Windows 10, you can search for Snipping Tool directly in the Start

Once the tool is open, your screen will darken. You will have to set the window size to tell Snipping Tool what part of your screen you want to capture. One thing to note here is that once you capture a screenshot, you do not have to save it before sharing it with others.

The screenshot is automatically saved to your clipboard. You can simply press Ctrl + V to paste your captured screenshot.

paste image into paint

This is beneficial if you want to share it via emails or a social media app but do not want to save it on your laptop.

2. Print Screen Button

As for how to screenshot on an HP laptop without a printscreen button, Snipping Tool was the answer. But the Print Screen button is the way to go for those who prefer to use a dedicated keyboard button.

Not only does it do the same job, but it also is fast compared to other methods.

  • For capturing the screen, simply press the Windows + PrtScr button

One thing to note is that there will be no area selection window. A Print Screen button is meant to capture the whole screen. 

Plus, the captured image will be stored on the clipboard. To save it as an image in Windows 10, you can open up Paint, paste it there, and save it as an image.

For Windows 11, the captured image will be automatically saved in the Screenshots folder. This folder can be navigated by opening File Explorer and then searching for the Pictures folder. 

3 On-Screen Keyboard

If your Print Screen button is damaged and you are looking for another option to take screenshots on an Hp laptop without a printscreen button, then this method will help.

  • Simply search for the On-screen keyboard in the Start
  • Open On-screen keyboard through the mouse and click on Windows + PrtScr button
  • Then open the screenshot folder to check the screenshot images

4. The Game Bar

As there are thousands of video gamers that play games on laptops, they might need to take screenshots during a game. Taking screenshots of scores and other achievements means a lot to video gamers.

For all those gamers who are looking for an option to record and take screenshots on an HP laptop windows 10/11 during a game, this option is for them. 

  • Press Win + G to trigger the game bar feature during the game
  • Upon pressing these keys, you will be prompted to a popup featuring the option to take screenshots. And not just this, you will also be able to record the screenshot. 

5. Remap The Keys

For this, you will have to install a third-party app. One such example is Sharpkeys. This third-party app allows you to bind your desired functions to whatever keyboard button you desire. 

  • Download Sharpkeys 3.9.4 is the latest version
  • After downloading Run, Sharpkeys follow the screen instructions to install completely
  • Open the SharpKeys > Click on Add
  • Now you’ll see the option to map a new key > Click OK
  • Then Finally Click on Write to Registry restart your computer check

However, you need to be careful when remapping the keys. For instance, if you bind F12 for taking screenshots, you will not be able to perform functions that involve pressing F12. Always make sure you bind those keyboard buttons that you will never use otherwise. 

6. Use Chrome Extensions

if you don’t use any waste your time installing new software then the best option for you is to try the google chrome screenshot extension for free to take any type of screenshot even you can crop,edit, add text via this extension.

To install this follow the instructions

  • After adding this extension click on the extension icon you’ll see a lot of option
  • From the list of options select Desktop screenshot to take any screenshot like Chrome tab, Entire screen, and open windows
  • Then after you’ll option to add text, edit, draw options
  • Finally click on SAVE SCREENSHOT to save a screenshot on your computer


Screenshots are a great and super easy way to capture valuable information. You cannot take paper and pencil to note things down. Screenshots are the way to go, be it a social media post, answer to a homework question, chat history, or any other piece of information. You can share those screenshots and can reference them in the future too.

For those who are looking for how to screenshot on an HP laptop, this article is for them. The article also explained taking screenshots with the available screenshot shortcut key in windows 10 and 11.

So, use those methods and keep saving valuable information at ease.

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