How to Transfer Photos from Phone to Laptop Without USB

In the old days, people used to buy photo albums to keep their photos safe. As time passed, technology evolved and revolutionized many things in our lives. One such thing was smartphones and computers. It would not be wrong to say that people no longer feel the necessity of keeping pictures saved in the form of photo albums.

Saving images on smartphones or computers is way easier and safe. With digital storage of photos, there is no chance of tears and getting lost. Every picture can be put in a single folder with many subfolders. 

However, piling up your smartphone’s gallery with tons of photos is not a good idea. You would want to transfer your pictures to your laptop for many reasons. But if you do not own a USB, one question would be in your mind. That is how to transfer photos from phone to laptop without USB?

The good news is there are always some solutions.

Let’s learn about all the best ways to transfer pictures to your laptop without any USB. 

Transferring Photos, Files To Laptop: Is It A Good Idea?

Before thinking about how to transfer photos from phone to laptop without USB, let’s clarify one thing. Photos are memories. And not just memories. People also take photos of valuable information. For instance, taking photos and screenshots of class notes or documents. With social media getting popular, people post their photos as a memory. 

To keep your memorable and valuable photos safe, you must keep them somewhere else. For instance, your laptop. Obviously, your laptop has way more storage space than your smartphone. Plus, you do not carry your laptop as often as your smartphone.

So, the photos will be more protected on your laptop. You would think your trouble has doubled if you do not own a USB. Probably this is the reason that raised the question in your mind. That How do I transfer photos from my phone to my laptop without using a USB?

Well, let’s see the options one by one. 

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Tips On Transferring Photos To Laptop

1. Via Bluetooth

Bluetooth cannot go unmentioned when talking about how to transfer photos from phone to laptop without a USB. Bluetooth might be a slow method, but it is one of the options. One thing to keep in mind is that the size of photos will determine if Bluetooth is slow or not. Transferring GBs of photos via Bluetooth will undoubtedly take time. But for a GB or two, Bluetooth is a viable solution.

  • First, turn on the Bluetooth on your smartphone and your laptop
  • Pair them to establish a wireless connection
  • To send the desired photos to your laptop with Bluetooth, click Share
  • Select the name of your computer
  • Accept the reception on your laptop

2. Nearby Sharing

Nearby sharing is a quick and simple way to transfer your photos to your Windows PC. you can also transfer big data files, apps, videos, music, etc. Let’s have a look at how you can use it to transfer photos step by step.

  • First, turn on your Nearby sharing and Bluetooth via the action center
  • On your phone, choose the photos and Tap on Share > In sharing options select Nearby Sharing
  • Now your PC will appear in the nearby sharing search tap on it to share

3. Use ShareIt

Like Bluetooth, ShareIt must be mentioned when considering transferring photos from phone to laptop without USB. An added benefit of using ShareIt is that it is not platform-specific. ShareIt is available on all major Operating Systems, including Android, IOS, Windows, and Mac. What surprises people is the fact that ShareIt, at times, can be speedier than USBs. 

  • Download ShareIt on your smartphone and laptop

or directly go to the official website and download the app:

  • Connect your laptop and smartphone with the same WiFi connection
  • Open the ShareIt app on your laptop
  • Now, select the option saying display QR code on the screen
  • Open ShareIt on your smartphone > Choose the option scan to Connect to PC
  • Scan that QR code
  • Select the Send button and select the desired photos from your gallery
  • On the laptop > Select the Receive button to start receiving

4. Google Drive

Cloud storage is the third option when considering transferring photos from phone to laptop without a USB. Cloud storage is a model in which you store your data in someone else’s system. The process of storing and accessing is done via an internet connection.

Using Google Drive for storing data has become unexpectedly popular. The cherry on the cake is that you get a straight 15GB of free storage limit. It is enough to keep at least 15GB of photos which is enormous.

After uploading your photos to Google Drive, you can easily download them on your laptop. And not just that, you can even sync your photos to multiple devices. Clearly, one thing is obvious. Google Drive is one of the viable options for how to transfer to laptops/desktops and different devices without USB. 

  • Download the Google Drive app on your smartphone. Sign in with your Gmail account
  • Open the Google Drive app > Click on the Upload option and select the photos you want to upload from the gallery

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5. Zapya Transfer

Zapya Transfer is a similar app to shareit for peer-to-peer file-sharing and transferring photos to your laptop. If you ask a professional to transfer photos from a smartphone to a laptop without a USB, chances are, he will suggest Zapya Transfer.

You can transfer files, contacts, logs, videos, messages, and photos in bulk with a single click. Zapya Transfer gives you the ability to create albums on your laptop to transfer the images there directly.

However, as you would have guessed by now, Zapya Transfer works for Android smartphones only. However, it supports various devices like iOS, PC, Mac, Tizen, etc.

  • Download and install the Zapya app on your Smartphone and Laptop
  • Open Zapya on your smartphone > Tap on the QR Scan icon on the PC
Zapya Transfer
  • After Successfully Connection > Tap on Photo > Select the photos by date > Tap on Share
Zapya Transfer

Or You can use to transfer photos, and files for short time cloud storage.

6. AirMore

AirMode is a hassle-free method for transferring photos to the laptop. It only requires a wireless connection between your laptop and phone. AirMore is also a professional-grade tool. When considering transferring photos from phone to laptop, AirMore is a viable option.

  • Download AirMore on your smartphone via the play store. Install it after downloading
  • Visit the AirMore web page on your laptop and select the Launch button to get a QR code there
  • Scan it on your smartphone to connect
  • Select the “Photos” button and then select “Export” to start transferring


Putting your valuable and memorable photos on your laptop makes them protected and safe. But if you are thinking about how to transfer photos from your phone to your laptop without a USB, don’t worry. You do not have to own a USB to transfer the images. Luckily, there are many ways to transfer photos without needing a USB. You can follow any of the mentioned methods to start transferring photos.

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