How To Uninstall Minecraft Windows 10

Windows 10 is the user interface that offers excellent features and applications to all its users. With the best software and games pre-installed, the user interface has become the first choice of users worldwide. While there are many games available in the market, Minecraft remains the first choice of all players for a long time. But there are chances that the user might need to uninstall Minecraft from Windows 10 for better functionality.

Let us see how to uninstall Minecraft windows 10 and why the user might need to do so?

What is Minecraft?

A legendary game, Minecraft has been played or heard by all the users. A simple game that does not cover a lot of memory space is one of the best entertainment sources. The game is based on the whole virtual pixel world on a crossroad of genres, all about adventure, survival, and creativity. For some players, it is fun, while others might not find it appropriate and will prefer to get it uninstalled.

4 Ways To Uninstall Minecraft on Windows 10

The game is available as the default software on the system, but if you are looking at how to uninstall Minecraft windows 10, then the simple steps that one needs to be followed are:

Uninstall Minecraft Manually

This is the first and most straightforward method that can be opted by the user to uninstall Minecraft from Windows 10. The steps to be followed are:

  • Press Windows + R and Type appwiz.cpl and hit Enter to open Programs and Features
appwiz.cpl program and features command line
  • Here find the Minecraft and Right-Click on it and click on Uninstall
  • A pop-up window will appear, asking for confirmation
  • Click on Confirm to proceed with Minecraft uninstallation

Uninstall Minecraft From Windows 10 Settings

Uninstalling Minecraft from windows 10 settings is quite simple

  • Press Windows + I to open windows 10 Settings
  • Now here you click on Apps
  • Under the apps and features find the Minecraft Launcher> Click on it and Uninstall

after complete uninstallation, you must restart your pc for better performance.

Remove Minecraft Through The Appdata Folder

This is the second method that can be opted by the user to uninstall Minecraft from Windows 10. It is simple and straightforward. The steps to be followed are:

  • Press Windows + R keys and Type %appdata% and hit enter
  • The Roaming folder will open
  • Right-click on the .minecraft folder Select the delete option
  • Minecraft is permanently uninstalled from the system

The manual removal of the Minecraft application from Windows 10 is proved to be quite effective and appropriate, yet if the user faces issues in installing, then a few third-party softwares can help to uninstall.

To ensure that the uninstallation process is effectively completed, restart the system and check.

Use Third-party Uninstaller

There are two highly recommended third-party uninstallers that can help you to completely uninstall Minecraft are CleanMyPC and IObit Uninstaller.

  • Download CleanMyPC or IObit Uninstaller software one of them and install it
  • After installing launch it
  • Under all programs find Minecraft and select then click on Uninstall
  • Accept the prompt action and wait now let the software do its work
  • After the complete uninstallation restart your computer


Windows 10 has quickly captured the market, making it one of the most preferred user interfaces globally. The surreal display and setup of the application have made it the first choice for personal and professional use. Though it is simple to use, users do not like the pre-installed programs available with the system. Especially gaming applications like Minecraft.

Even though the applications secure relatively little space and do not hinder the system’s performance if the user wishes to delete or uninstall the application, the simple and straightforward steps can help.

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