How to View Chrome History by Date on Pc, iPhone, Android Device

Have you used Chrome? Well, there is no doubt that it is one of the finest search engines provided by Google that does search quite an easy process. This simplifies and is cross-platform, it also makes the process of a search easier. But have you ever wondered how you could check the history on Chrome?

So, let us learn more about arranging Chrome history by date. 

About Google Chrome

For browsing websites on the internet, utilize Google Chrome, a free web browser created by Google. As a cross-platform browser, Google Chrome can run on various desktops, laptops, smartphones, and operating systems. Google Chrome has standard browser functions such as the back, forward, refresh, history, bookmarks, toolbar, and settings buttons. Like other browsers, Chrome has an incognito mode that enables you to browse the web anonymously without recording your browsing history, cookies, or site data. It also has a big library of add-ons and extensions.

How Do I Search Chrome History by Date on Different Devices

It’s a simple question but I have written in brief with quick tips to view search chrome history by date for different devices like Pc, iPhone, Android, and via chrome extensions.

Search Chrome History by Date on a System

If you want to set the Chrome history by date on your system, either on your desktop or laptop, the process is quite simple and easy.

The steps that you will be required to follow are given below:

  • Open the Google Chrome browser
  • Open this
  • On my Activity Click on Filter by date & product
my google activity
  • A window detailing the websites you’ve visited on Chrome will now appear, along with a date filter that you may configure now
my google activity
  • To display all of your search results, turn on Chrome, Search, Image Search, and Video Search
  • To view all results, leave the field empty or enter the date to limit the time frame
  • Select Apply
  • You are now done

Now, you can click on the details option at the bottom of each option and check the entire insides of the links you have used.

Search Chrome History by Date on an iPhone

If you are an iPhone user looking for Chrome history by date, there are a few simple steps that you would be required to follow.

These steps are as follows:

  • Log in to the Google Account
  • Visit the on the iPhone browser
  • Click on Web & App Activity
  • Look for Manage All Web & App Activity and click on it
  • Select the option Filter by date & Product
  • Enter the dates to filter out results > Click on Apply
  • See the results
  • You can have new results by checking on Filter by Date & Product
  • You are now done.

Search Chrome History by Date on an Android

When looking to have the Chrome history by date arranged on an Android device, here are the steps that you should follow:

  • Make sure you are signed into your Google account before you start
  • Open Settings on your Android device
  • Scroll and search for Google > Select Manage Your Google Account
  • Tap on Date and privacy > Under History Settings > Tap on My Activity
  • Scroll down Top on Filter by Date & Product option
  • Like the previous ones, enter the date and the rest of the details like Image Search, Search, and Video Search.
  • Click on Apply
  • It will display the details on the screen in a datewise manner.

Search The Crome History By Date Using Extensions

The options mentioned above are the most straightforward. But in case you are looking for a choice, you can always use extensions for the same. There is no doubt that Google Chrome is loaded with many extensions that aim to simplify your work.

Simply visit their website and select “Add to Chrome,” Chrome extensions can be downloaded and installed on the Chrome browser. You may access each installed extension by selecting the Extension icon in the top-right corner of the Chrome window. The Extension icon has a puzzle-piece design.

Here are a few that help you arrange Chrome history by date:

credit: chrome web store

To arrange Chrome history by date, you can Chrome Better History. Using the 82KB plugin Chrome Better History, you may order Google Chrome’s history by date.

The default history page (Ctrl+H) is essentially replaced by this extension’s configuration, which lets you quickly travel to a certain date.

By enabling users to do in-page searches, History Search broadens that functionality. This is useful if you don’t remember the specific page or the time you accessed it but do remember a specific subject covered on it. It is simpler to locate relevant websites while searching through a large number of results when you have the option to search within them.

credit: chrome web store

The activity page will be much more useful thanks to the History Manager Extension because it will be simpler to focus your search. Users of the History Manager can add specific phrases for each date. You may narrow the findings in this manner, which is useful if you’re looking for outcomes over a longer time frame.

credit: chrome web store

After 90 days, Google will automatically remove any terms you’ve searched for. Using the History Trends Unlimited extension, you can maintain records of your search history for a longer time. This is helpful if you frequently return to websites months after finding them, such as when writing a term paper or thesis.


The main aim of arranging Chrome history by date is to allow the user to easily look for the websites visited. It helps to extract the information better and makes it simple to keep track. Though there are chances that you might find arranging the Chrome history by date a little hard, with the help of various extensions available, you can easily move. Though the inbuilt option of arranging is quite straightforward, try using these for some great insights. With this, hope you find the last access website based on your date easily.

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