What is Windows 10 Pro N and What’s Pro ‘N’ Means?

Windows is one of the user interfaces that comes up with the updated and developed version to serve the user better with time. From the Windows XP to Windows 10 and the Pro version, there is a range of versions that are far way more friendly and straightforward.

To offer excellent service and ease of access, Windows 10 pro N is one of the best.

Let us look at What is Windows 10 Pro N precisely about?

About Windows 10 Pro N

If you are looking forward to finding out What is Windows 10 Pro N is, then it is essential to know that the “N” editions of Windows 10 Pro include all the basic functions and features as any other Windows 10 version except for media-related technologies.

The N in the version stands for the European region. It means that this version of Windows 10 pro is released exclusively for the European market as of now, and with the pace of time, it will be offered to other locations as well.

Windows 10 Pro N is the exclusive edition of Windows 10 marketed and distributed in the European market by Microsoft.

The N edition of Windows 10 is one that does not have bloatware like Windows Media Player, Skype, or a particular range of media apps (Music, Video, Voice Recorder) pre-installed on the system. It means that if the user needs any of the media applications, then these are to be installed separately.

Media Technology Removed Features Removed from Windows 10 Pro N

The standard media-related features that are not available with Windows 10 Pro N version are:

  • Windows Media Player user experience
  • Windows Media Player ActiveX control
  • Windows Media Format
  • Windows Media DRM
  • Media sharing and Play To.
  • Media Foundation
  • Windows 8.1 Portable Devices (WPD) infrastructure
  • MPEG, WMA, AMR, AAC, FLAC, ALAC, Dolby Digital audio, and Opus codecs
  • VC-1, MPEG-4, H.264, H.265, H.263, and VP9 codecs
  • Groove
  • Movies and TV
  • Voice Recorder
  • Skype

Features Affected Due to Media Technology Removed from Windows 10 Pro N

Additionally, in the Windows 10 Pro N version, a few features are available but are still affected when the media technologies are removed.

The features that are affected are:

  • App Sync is complicated.
  • OneDrive and Photos can not play videos.
  • Xbox functionality is not supported.
  • HomeGroup streaming features don’t work.
  • The webcam feature doesn’t work.
  • Windows Portable Devices are not supported.
  • Windows 10 camera devices transfer protocol (PTP) doesn’t work.
  • Sound Recorder is limited.
  • Alarms and Clock sounds don’t play.
  • Group Policy for removable disks is disabled.
  • Cortana Personal Assistant doesn’t work.
  • Wireless Display is not available.
  • PDF Viewing in Edge doesn’t work.
  • Windows Hello doesn’t work.
  • Toast Notifications don’t work.
  • Resetting this PC might be problematic.

Loophole of Windows 10 Pro N

While the Windows 10 Pro N versions do not come with the bloatware to fill up the unwanted space on the system, still there is a loophole to use.

To enable the multimedia features on an N edition of Windows 10 Pro, download the free Media Feature Pack from Microsoft and re-enable all the disabled features for smooth applicability.


The most important thing to understand here is that the Windows 10 Pro N version is the same as Windows 10 Pro. The difference is that the Windows Media Player, Skype, or certain pre-installed media apps are not available in the version.

The version is available for the European market but has not been very popular. Still, while buying the Windows 10 Pro N version, make sure that you go through all the essential details, as this version is more suited for business purposes than for gaming or multimedia purposes.

Make sure to go through all facts before making the decision, and enjoy using Windows 10 Pro N version, simple and straightforward.

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