Why Windows 10 Sucks? Here is The Reason Behind It

Windows 10 is continuously growing and flourishing as one of the most appropriate interfaces with the latest features, apps, and improvements required to attain smooth functioning.

Although the platform is one of the finest and simple to use, some users feel that Windows 10 sucks. While the prominent share of the complaints is small, still there are a few significant complaints that make using the application difficult.

Let us look for the reasons Why Windows 10 sucks?

Reasons for Windows 10 sucks

Are you looking for a reason Why Windows 10 sucks?

What features complicate the use of Windows 10, making it a bit less friendly for the users?

So, the majority of the reasons to support the notion of Windows 10 sucks are:

It’s full of Bloatware

windows 10 preinstalled apps list

Windows 10 comes with multiple free pre-installed software known as bloatware. For various users having the pre-installed software is a boon; for some, these extra softwares are just excessively filling up space. These apps use up the disk space, slow down the computer’s speed, consume RAM, increases CPU usage, and reduces battery life. While one can remove these applications but after prime updates, the apps get updated on their own. This aspect of Windows 10 sucks.

Forced Auto-Updates

automatic updating in windows 10

The users usually like the auto-update feature. But the forced auto-update makes Windows 10 less friendly. Once the latest version is rolled out, the system pushes the user to force update the version and install all the latest patches. Windows 10 sucks in this aspect as there is no way out to avoid such installs, and it is time-consuming.

Unwanted Ads all over the Place

unwanted ads windows 10

A person operating Windows 10 can be easily irritated due to the unwanted ads available on the Start menu or the lock screen. The ads also pop up on the notification bar that hampers the working of the user. Hence this is one of the prominent reasons for the question of  Why Windows 10 sucks?

Lack Privacy Handling

Privacy is the prime concern of the users. But Windows 10 lacks the feature of handling privacy smoothly. The actual problem here is that all the data it gathers is controlled by a series of switches that are turned on by default in Windows 10. It is a feature that is not appealing to the users.

The Homegroup Feature is Gone

homegroup does not appear in windows 10

With the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft decided to eliminate the Homegroup feature. The reason behind this decision was that the company wished to promote the OneDrive. Although this eases up the process of sharing things, in case of network connectivity issues, the sharing will not work anymore.

Settings do not have a Control Panel Option

control panel not showing in windows 10

The main aim of launching Windows 10 was to offer a unifying experience. But by removing the control panel from the settings menu, the ideology shifted to the conclusion of Windows 10 sucks. The transfer of the options to the Setting menu for on-touch access is still in process, but there is a long way to go.

Start Menu is not Straightforward

The Start menu is commonly used for the search and run options. But there are a few drawbacks linked to the start menu in Windows 10. The menu contains free ads and various other applications that are neither resizable nor replaceable. The updates of Windows 10 will only be visible in this space, which is a limitation.

Outdated and Failed Design

One of the reasons why Windows 10 sucks is the design. The design is not only challenging but inconsistent as compared to other platforms. Keeping track of all the features and smoothly accessing them is a bit tricky while using Windows 10.

No International Version of Cortana

cortana is not available in your region

Cortana is fantastic and is a feature that is quite useful and friendly. But over time, Cortana neither got updated nor evolved into new languages that can help the user communicate seamlessly. This feature makes Windows 10 suck.

Good Aspects Of Windows 10

Not all the features of Windows 10 sucks. There are a few features that make Windows 10 favourable and friendly.

The primary aspects are:

  • Windows 10 is a vast leap in terms of speed and performance.
  • Cortana is the feature of Windows 10 that helps the users to communicate with the system.
  • Windows 10 have improved the Secure Boot feature by adding features like Windows Hello, Microsoft Passport, and Device Guard.


Windows update has been a problem for users as the rapid updating makes it difficult for the users to keep pace with the processes. Although the latest functionalities and features of Windows 10 are friendly and straightforward, a few features make Windows 10 sucks. Still, the utilities that Windows 10 offers are more advantageous as compared to the other operating platforms.

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